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Zulitak is the first gifts project that focuses on making unique gifts, as the idea of the project originated from the frustration of constantly searching for the perfect gift for different occasions, in order to find a gift that memorializes our love and appreciation for those that we care deeply for. We at Zulitak always strive to reach out to people in all parts of the world, so that Zulitak can become an inseparable part of your beautiful memories.

First Stage: Communication with Customers

Second Stage: Weaving Department

Starting the weaving process:

It is a gift that never dies!

Most of the people think deeply when it comes to choosing a gift. It is a pain, so let's take the responsibility of weaving the gift on your behalf!

Final touches:

We at Zulitak always pay attention to the smallest details in our work, in order to deliver the perfect gift that satisfies the tastes of all of our customers.

After the gift is woven, a specialized team starts adding the final touches to the product that adds luster and beauty to the product.

The extra layers of fabric are removed and the gift is cleaned thoroughly, in order to give the best look possible to the gift.

The gift is then sprayed with a special fragrance that is chosen by our team, which gives a sense of luxury and love to the owner of the gift when they experience it.

Packaging the gift:

After the final touches are added, the packaging staff in our company takes extra care in packaging the gift to be ready to be sent to the customers.

The gift is wrapped with our exquisite satin ribbon that adds a special look to the gift.

The gift is then encased in the most luxurious suede fabric that adds an extra layer of protection, and an extra layer of prestige to the gift.

The gift is then placed inside our distinguished box that is unique in both concept and colours, which adds a touch of elegance and a feeling ofroyalty to the gift.

Third Stage: Shipping and Delivery

The gift is then packaged inside the special packaging meant for shipping, and is sent to the shipping company’s office.

After registering the customer’s shipping information, the tracking number for the shipped gift is then sent to the customer in order for the customer to track the whereabouts of the gift until it reaches the gift’s receiver.

The shortest period of delivery for the order from the time of confirmation until it reaches the customer is two weeks, but if the customer is situated in Canada or the USA, the delivery can take up to 1 month.

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